Draw a blank…

draw a blank
the writing itch: Blank, incomplete.


I drew a blank. Didn’t know what to write. So, silently, you think- another blogger run out of ideas. Eh? Another blog inching towards the inevitable- DEATH.

Nah! Just the opposite! Ran into them-IDEAS. Straight on. A sea of them flood me now and I can’t  sift and arrive at the one idea I’d pick to pen my thoughts. To share them with you, to hear your views or just that appreciative click-‘LIKE’.

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Baths are good!


Max 6
the writing itch: Angel


“Who doesn’t love a splash in the pool or drench under a shower? I adore it and all the pampering that comes along with it. Anytime is bath time and pssssst. I can’t be caught without my towel now, can I?” asks Max.


The last picture: free birds

free birds
the writing itch: Beyond Cage

Taken over two weeks ago before shifting to a new house and new location, this aerial picture (from a thirteenth floor window) has left a mark on me. I was behind ‘ bars’ (grill in a window) and these birds free, making me wonder who was the one caged! A daily morning vision from my window, I have been amazed by their attraction to man made cable! Miss their green presence …..

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