5 concerns to be concerned about!

the ugly 5
Image: the writing itch


Dump the baggage!

Feeling low, negative?  Stop! It would affect our well-being both physical and mental. It would make us feel miserable, low on confidence and perhaps lead to a dislike-of self and all around. There’s much twitter about the positives of being negative, but certainly some emotions, when on a downward trajectory, keep us healthier and happier. Read more

Overawed, speechless, dazed…

Overpowering emotions leave me too dazed to react…..

               Post farewell……

The sun seemed to have turned hazy at that moment, everything had come to a standstill. All i could hear was my heart-beats and the whispering emotions within. All in a turmoil of joy, disbelief, sadness, uncertainty, bliss!  A surge of emotions, had left me- bewildered! Read more