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Keep it different! No sensationalism, no screaming headlines, just engaging sensitive writing.  No theme. Theme’s give direction but thoughts are free. So write freely about anything that strikes. At creativbent it’s about writing: to calm, to awaken, to learn, to share, to give and take. And of course present skills!

Who am I?  author, writer, blogger, academician. Name: Bindu

Work & Style: competent, consistent, creative & reflective freelance writing.

What can I write for you? blogs, content for website, articles on company philosophy & progress, speech, staff manual,  travel articles and experience, poems, short stories & more!

Writing Experience ? blog posts, content for school website, speech for corporate world, stories for educational website, newspaper articles (Mumbai Messenger), published poem. + Photography!

What now? waiting to write for you!

Why me?  no moments of regret! Prompt, error free work, ethical approach, experienced.

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