A week on……

Overwhelming experiences keep faith in humanity and benevolence going. And that at recurrent intervals! Creativbent has shared two truly inspiring occurrences and is brimming with excitement to share the third one.  Missed the first? Here it is! Don’t overlook the second, an equally awesome one. For your read, now rolls the third.

Does money which you may have mistakenly given come back? That given to a visiting vendor Does it come easy? Well, it may or may not! But do the bills return after an entire week? Quite unlikely, isn’t it? But, it did!

No, no, not out to befuddle you! No more riddles. Here comes the entire story.

A vegetable vendor comes to our locality. Two Saturdays ago having picked up the wares, I paid him off after which he asked if I had change for a certain denomination. By this time, an old time friend from Mumbai had joined me and we had become engaged in an intense, excited conversation since we were meeting after a long time. In a jubilant state, I mechanically pulled out five hundred rupee notes, extended them towards the vendor and still chatting to my friend, left. With so much to catch up, nothing else seemed important in those moments over the priceless words flowing ceaselessly!

Next day was another really busy one; we began preparations for the Ganesh Utsav when the loveable God, Ganpati, the remover of all obstacles is welcomed home for a duration which ranges from 1 to 11 days.  In our case it was five days! Totally consumed by the thought of serving the kindly elephant faced God and being at home in his divine company for the entire duration, got busy with cooking delicacies and welcoming visitors. One can’t really leave an esteemed guest all by himself, can one? Days merged into night; time flew by.

Come next Saturday, the need for some stuff arose and having bid a tearful adieu to Ganpati Morya (immersion of the holy idol) the previous day I stepped out and straight into a truly overwhelming experience. The emotional buoyancy was kept alive and kindled. At the same vendor’s again, I began purchasing but he interrupted me and said, “I have Rs. 500 of yours.” Misunderstanding, I asked if I owed him that money. It wouldn’t be a surprise as the mid-aged hormonal sway has slammed those areas of the grey matter which deal with memory. Happy to share that many sail that boat. Patiently, the man responded that it was the reverse, he owed the money to me! Perplexed I stared blankly at him.
To awaken the dormant cells of my brain, the vendor revisited the events of the previous Saturday – he’d asked for some change-my Friend arrived- I rushed away- the money due to me not taken! I was stunned. I had no memory of not having taken the money from him though I faintly recalled giving him the notes/bills he needed. No amount of scratching the grey cells helped. But I accepted what the kind man said, numb from the experience.

This couldn’t be happening. Honest, sure! But to the extent of not only remembering but also returning the amount an entire week later. In a world where money is priority number 1, something we chase all our lives, this humble vendor was actually doing what he was! Pocketing it to buy stuff for his kids or family may have come easier. But to him, it didn’t! Why? Because the call of  a murmuring conscience is way dearer to him than a green bill!

Utterly simple.  Straightforward.

Life and living isn’t complicated at all! Set your principles, fix your goal and the path lies ahead clear as day waiting for you to tread it! It’s we who entangle things, create a maze and then walk around in limbo, wondering what to do, where to head and how to attain that goal which in all this rigamarole seems as distant as it was when we began walking towards it.

Simple is good guys, it truly is!


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