Caught ya! Special yet equal? Hmmm…

This one above caught my eye! Nope, actually my very soul! Got it this morn via WhatsApp. Sent by a dynamic yet really reticent writer Kanmani.

The words began churning within me! Set my thoughts rolling. And the more I thought the more I realised that no matter how much we claim to have come a long way, women do await that special treatment. If not in words this desire may be conveyed through gestures of expressive eyes! The disappointment in them would convey more than a mountain of words ever could.

Do we feel liberated in asking for special favours while seeking equality in the same breath? Is that done? Is it fair at all of the fair sex to do so? Just a thought- don’t we expect to be the first one through a door,  if in the company of men? Or again offered a seat on the bus/train?  Special recognition for having attained a goal, bagged a prize in a competition, risen to a higher position at the workplace …blah..blah….

If yes, then equality remains a mere dream a distant one at that!


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