Creating a success story!


Wherefrom came this frail twining climber? How did it manage to replace the little plant, the remains of a beautiful and invigorating orange hue that shrunk, and shrunk so much that it was shifted to this tiny flower pot with hopes for its survival?  Yet the Kalanchoe, it surrendered almost without a fight! But from its ‘ashes’, rather remains, rose this delicate plant, slender and elegant as it fought back the scorching Ahmedabad heat, the blistering and baking concrete environme. The green climber shot up rapidly!

Have no memory of putting any seed into that soil.  And yet this fighter was born! Rising like a phoenix it climbed and ascended higher till it kissed the ceiling and went further beyond! While  I  was still figuring out why my pretty Kalanchoe had left me; whined at the demise of my what had once been a gift!

Stop!  I paused. Reflected. Could this be a moment of grief or that of rejoicing? To mourn something that may have lived its term or to revel in the new arrival? One which had a spring in its style and style in its verve to rise, to write a success story, building the new upon what may have been in the past.

For me, it’s looking ahead to see what this climber has in store. Looks like another success story. In its own way. No definite formula. No fixed rules, just plain drive, concerted effort and well-directed sincerity, the will to succeed, to make it happen despite all odds!

Waiting for other surprises that this sprightly creeper may spring up in the sordid concrete balcony!

The green keeps us going! Go, go Green!!!


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