Mistaken Identity 😱


You are the one I insisted

She meekly protested

Professed complete ignorance 

 I aggressively pushed ahead

the mobile number given to me

Was the one I had keyed in correctly.

But this is  certainly a mistake

Please don’t hold me at stake

For though my name’s what you say

Am not the person you seek

Stepping back but not ready to give up

I picked up my familiar brush

To dust off those clinging cobwebs

That may have obscured my memory

And its name retaining ability

to create this havoc and misery

To my horror of horrors

It was me who had erred

messaged a Vibha instead of Prabha!

Oh dear goodness me

though I owe you an apology

you wouldn’t really blame me 

For mixing these similar identities

for names which sound the same,

but for an alphabet here and there

they’re the same, aren’t they?

well almost, nearly! 😬😬



2 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity 😱

  1. Hahaha. Happens , with interesting consequences. I had messaged a vibha too, just the vibha who was a different one that the one i intended to message. She was amused to see my message , is an understatement. Guffawed for a long time ! Your piece reminded me of that incident!!

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