Sometimes, end up doing strange things!

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Sometimes I end up doing strange things that are quite unlike the usual me! They are a complete contrast to what’s said in the quote above. Why?

Haven’t figured this out, yet! Hope I would someday. But to make comprehension better let me give an example. for instance, despite not being a social media buff changed my profile photo when I was disturbed and then later wondered why for it didn’t help the purpose, that is uplift my sagging mood! So then?

I wrote a poem and posted that too! What a flutter it created! More strange stuff from me! Goodness! Where will it end? How about you? Do you do such stuff as well? To keep you going, to fight that sadness that has embraced you tight, with all its daring might!

And then I did exactly what I should have done in the situation, as the quote above says: Go silent!

When the mind is muddled,
And life seems a complicated puzzle,
After hearing a sad news,
You dunno what to do,
You turn the laptop on,
Playing with the keys anon
In social media you take refuge 
And fiddle with its features you 
Might otherwise think cool 

But is that what you originally intended to do?
Mindlessly you make some change 
And then ponder 
Why, was that my actual aim?
Or was it to distract 
To do something abstract 
So the mind could take a short break!

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