Hello there!

Photo by Henry & Co. from Pexels

Hello! they called out

We’ve been there with you

day in and out, not a moment to lose,

your faithful companions

ever since you arrived

of this, our presence,

have not the slightest of doubts

shed all inhibitions, come closer

they luringly invite

Suspicious, I stay rooted

so they begin to close in

closer they come and closer

in their claustrophobic din

Petrified I clutch my knees

bringing them close to my chest

intimidated by their looming presence

I reign in my rising hatred

My constant, compulsive companions

Oblivious to my silent protest

Continue to come nearer 

without stop or a moment’s rest

Till a lonesome, single tear takes birth

and from my tremulous eye tumbles out, 

Let me be, leave me be, please

Is the refrain, my silent plea.

unmindful and obtrusive

they move closer, further in

Forcibly they enclose me in their iron embrace

Formidable, the WALLS look sordid and grey.

noticing my resistance

my struggle to get away

they, solid ones, strongly retaliate 

As always they have the last say

we’ve been together in times

 thick and thin

is this your give back to us

your live-in’s?



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