Stepped in, right into the scene!

The short yet vigorous spell changed it all!

2 days of blistering heat coupled with a swirling mass of dust had made it impossible to step out into the open, to fill the lungs with Nature’s gift, Air. Cut off! Windows the only visual connect with the outside world which stared, mockingly.

Image: write-share-communicate

Turnaround time! Last afternoon. When even the skies could not take it anymore! To gaze down yet see a vast nothingness of brown that rocked and swayed at its fancy! So?

The heavens above broke lose Washing away the squealing squalor and mingling it with the soil where it rightly belonged!

Time to step out and step right into the scene of action. The outcome? Some pics. Sharing below:


R 1
Image: write-share-communicate

A glorious exit!

R 3
Image: write-share-communicate

Nature’s Canvas

R 9
Image: write-share-communicate

Picture perfect

R 5
Image: write-share-communicate



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