A homogenous sort

homogenous group
Image: write-share-communicate

Random thoughts stir within me during my solitary, evening sojourns, as I travel the lanes and bylanes leading to my abode planted amidst the slender yet welcome presence of Nature that dots the foot of the towering concrete jungle whose giant presence makes the landscape appear as a miniature painting deliberately put up to present an obvious contrast.

One such dusk time venture led me to these beautiful flowers that crown a cactus shrub! Thoughts were awakened when I noticed their circular homogeneity and I marvelled at their symmetry that Nature had ensured without the use of any tools other than beauty!

How could I not share, their concise, precise presence? So out came my mobile and this is how my pixel caught the images for you. Hope you like them and tune in to my random thoughts!

homogenous group 1.jpg
Image: write-share-communicate



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