Taming the wilderness! Though which one?


Walks tend to entertain, educate and help evolve! Particularly if you are on your own, with your thoughts and your senses alert to the mildest change in the surroundings.

Sometimes, I am a passive walker. Lost in thoughts my legs carry me around. Mindlessly, the steps take me forward in an attempt to attain that challenging tally of 10,000 each day! But then, on other occasions, awareness sets in, the mind unleashes its hunger, its creativbent and waits to appease itself. In such moments of urgency occur revelation and education! Like it happened one evening, interestingly along a path oft taken!

During my solitary walk, I noticed this expanse of green wilderness that stretched and snuggled cosily up to the concrete structures that provide shelter to the likes of me!

It became a moment of epiphany! My thought? Wasteland!  A kind of jungle close to a habitable area! Sure! But where is this wasteland? Is it in this thicket of thorny bushes and shrubs? Is that the tiresome terrain? OR is it evident in the match-box like structures neatly stacked atop each other, offering protection from the so-called inhospitable region beyond?

Which needs taming? Which should we rein in? The babool thicket or these growing monstrosities?

What do you think?


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