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A personal experience, which has been my carefully kept secret so far, occurred in the year 2002, when my family and I visited Shirdi for the first time ever. Soon after, my husband secured a job and we shifted to a small town in north India. The multiple changes of returning from Tanzania and shifting cities in India had an adverse effect on my health. One night, I woke up abruptly, feeling uneasy and short of breath. I remember distinctly that it was the month of December, and it was rather cold. My uneasiness and breathlessness increased and beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. My palms felt moist, too. Feeling on edge, I was about to wake up my husband when I saw Baba, his arms outstretched. He stood near the door, smiling lovingly, a benevolent look on his face. It was as if he was welcoming me, beckoning me to him. What we humans do not understand or know, we fear. Uneducated in Baba’s ways, I could not understand what was happening……….

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