Just Sharing …Listen, please

Achievements are great…umm super. Feel so good. Having been on the side of delivering goods for over two decades, I sustained, rather survived four years of being on the receiving side.

Gibberish? Incomprehensive? na comprend pas?

Don’t blame you! It’s just that too much is happening in my life, everything at the same time. And by too much I mean, too many changes like change of city, house, job, folks around me…..and more importantly the biggest one of all: I MANAGED TO COMPLETE (SUCCESSFULLY) THE WRITERS BUREAU COURSE OF CREATIVE WRITING!

And that’s not all!  I earned all the tuition fee I had paid four years ago even as I was doing the course, an essential pre-requisite to bagging the Certificate of Competence.

Certificate of Competence, Writer Bureau

Catch anyone trying to declare me incompetent. Nah, DARE anyone to categorise an organised Virgo lady INCOMPETENT!

Jokes aside! Am full to the brim- with joy! Amidst all these whirlwind changes came two certificates via email, to soothe my frayed nerves and bring tranquillity into my world of chaotic disharmony.

That’s what I share with you from my new location. Two CERTIFICATES that boost my confidence and help me understand: a long time teacher can be a successful learner as well. Second one? Diploma, Writers Bureau

Not bad, is it? What say when I ask you, age is just a number, a thing in the mind?

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