Hush! Just listen


‘Listen’ whispered this beautiful sign, indicating a cluster of oak trees. Overwhelming sounds of leaves rustling to the rhythms of the gentle breeze; the branches swaying gaily created a melodic symphony which is bound to be missed but for this indication.

The thought of just sitting, purely being, doing nothing, yet staying attentive and alert to the lilting music of Nature is heady.

Here, Nature is in waiting. it tends to us silently, eternally, not expecting anything in return but our loving attention. It calls out, Just come and sit, simply be, ask for nothing, say nothing, expect nothing…. merely listen. Allow life to permeate your very core, allow its fragrance to seep into every pore of your body, just be, rejuvenate, renew every body cell, rekindle the ebbing spark and then return to whatever it is you wish to return to. But for those precious healing moments, solely LISTEN!

How cathartic!

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