The power of Words

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Words add a zing; but oft they sting!

Words! They have the potential to make your day or shatter it to pieces, the shards of which lie scattered, at your very feet, waiting to be picked!

Words are powerful.  They arrive with a vigour of their own to move your world, jostle it from its complacency. They shake it up, rattle it and may even leave it flattened!

Words ting! They sting! They have the ability to turn your world upside down. Such is the power of words!

But then, contrarily, words have the uncanny ability to make you buoyant. Feel afloat, on top of the world. They propel, they elevate, they make you soar to dizzying heights from where you peer down at mere mortals and wonder if you were really down there moments ago, amidst the lesser minions.

Oh, the loftiness of words! Their potential to add a spring to the step,  make an appearance vivacious and the spirit carefree!

You are so elegant”. “Your silver hair complements you”. “Oh so graceful and dignified.”

You point at yourself  (the only time you would enjoy doing so) wondering if these were meant for you. 🙂

Ah well, Couldn’t get better could it, especially coz these pop out of the blue and come from random strangers who know nothing about you, of you. And you are happy they don’t! Let those words do their job just as the others do what they may!


Coz it might just so happen that these lovelies may be snatched away by the likes of

If only you could disappear somewhere”  (perhaps never to return?)  😦 or “You care about nothing but yourself!” 😦  or…….

Gosh! Sting! prick!

Wound! Injure! Ouch! 

Those hurt, NO, they leave a deep gash that time may never fill!

You’ve come plummeting down, spiralling downward from the dizzying heights that you had just taken!

I’d rather live among the strangers! 🙂

But what if we all went on a diet?  Went easy on this alphabet-food! A diet of words!

Why? Coz it will save us from eating our own foot after putting it in our mouth and save the opposite party tonnes of unnecessary garbage weight!

But even better, let’s use the scales more frequently to weigh before we utter the word, a word or any word at all.

Ain’t that a better deal?

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