Is goal-setting restrictive or definitive?


Sharing my random, travelling thoughts……..

While the world becomes more goal-oriented, I seem to lose my direction!

Quite often we set goals and believe that goal-setting ensures the completion of a task. One is expected to see before them a clear, well-defined path that is taken in a set fashion to arrive at the destination, the GOAL!

But then is that creative? Does it allow the goal-setter freedom to explore to look beyond the blinkers that help reach the goal successfully? Or does it restrict probing, free experimentation, a flow of thoughts, in other words, looking here and there for more options?

Such thoughts leave me confused. Actually, I shared my predicament on Facebook writers group of which I am a member. The group admin religiously asks members, at the start every month, what the ‘Writing goals for the month are’. I seem to be a goal-less one! So, on one occasion I  sought help. I posted, that I manage to do much more without setting any goals. The day I do set one my entire plan goes haywire. what could my problem be? Could anyone help, please? Nope, I haven’t received any response yet.

So I thought I would seek help from fellow bloggers.  Could you help me please by sharing your views as comments?

Since I allow possibilities to lead me and feel that a single step forward, opens a million possibilities, I always feel lost in this debate about setting goals and moving ahead without one.

Then featured this article, resolving my worst fears about myself and my sundry ways. You think my thoughts about goal-setting are random, too? Do share your views after reading this article!



5 thoughts on “Is goal-setting restrictive or definitive?

  1. Lilyotron says:

    I recently wrote about this after listening to the Art of Manliness Podcast #450: How to Make Time for What Really Matters Every Day. You should give it a listen.
    Goals can actually deter us, especially every writer is unique.

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