What if this πŸ‘‡ and such, made the headlines each morning?

Image Source:rawpixelΒ onΒ Unsplash

News travels fast; if only the last few pages of a newspaper became the first few!

Newspaper headlines make me cringe! The world couldn’t have come to such a sorry pass that nothing good ever came of its citizens. When will the front pages have something good, spectacular to offer?Β  A story that would bring a smile rather than make frowns deeper.

I came across this article, inconspicuous in its presence on the 8th page and wondered: Doesn’t this braveheart deserve a place of prominence. He is a real hero! Notice his age!

Says the headline:Β 11-year-old on sinking boat risks life thrice to save mom. But the story didn’t end there. The little chap, a dare-devil, sports a never-say-die-attitude. He cares little for himself, but loads for fellow travellers. To salute his bravery read the full story here.

Now decide! Don’t you think he deserves a prime place, on the front page?

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