The fifth and final, but not the last!

Travel has made me wiser. The fifth and final in a series of travel posts on creativbent

This is the fifth post in the series on learning from travel experience. The final! But can’t be the last! Can one claim that of experience and consequent memorable moments? Not really. Those are unlimited! Might return with some. 😀

My month long travel experiences have been a phenomenal teacher. I learnt that the world’s a single entity, irrespective of nationality or colour. Folks are good. In fact great!

It pointed out that Nature is a great equaliser. In its generous abundance, there’s no room for discrimination. Instead, there’s much companionship!

Good deeds make the day for two- both the receiver of the act and the doer. ‘Doership’ makes you the king of the world.

Challenging moments- certainly, but impossible, not really. Everything can be managed and managed well!

So then what does creativbent say in this final act: HELP is at hand, offered with a joyous smile. Some instances of help available to me began right from the time I boarded the first-ever solo flight to a distant land and continued till I returned home rejuvenated with my experiences:
Why don’t we do it together? You and I. said a complete stranger, a teen with her dog when the elevator to the bus terminal in NYC acted funny. The two of us gathered strength from each other’s presence and stepped into the metallic caverns which refused us permission to exit.
Things will be just fine and we will move forward. So sorry this happened on your first visit to my country. I am with you. I will make sure you reach safely. A fellow traveller aboard the Greyhound which broke down at Scranton, New York.
If they (officials) bother you, just tell them a judge filled the form. And I will take it from there! Fellow traveller, a district judge on immigration form, en route, Amsterdam to Houston.
Your first visit? Welcome, welcome to America. Everyone from fellow travellers to hotel staff and more. Radiant smiles 🙂

Travel, my brilliant teacher.

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