Ready for take-off? Travel Time!

Travel teaches. It has made me wiser. The second in a series of travel experiences on creativbent! It was the day of the my first travel lesson!

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The much-awaited day dawned without any fanfare. It seemed quite like any other. Just that I had to travel solo that evening and I was doing it for the very first time! International!

You see such and more are not easy for folks like me who hyperventilate at the very thought of getting on a aircraft for a cloistered long duration, long distance flight. That’s what bothered me most- staying confined endlessly! I do love to travel, visit places, meet folks, do new stuff. If only I could do it my way! If only I had wings and could travel in open spaces, fresh air. Not for me the intimidating check-ins where you are expected to do this and that, and all of it the right way. What a palaver just so that you can reach your destination.  How would I deal with it for ten long hours, when I need to keep my windows open 24×7 at home?!

But there was no way out.  No rights to backtrack from my own wish!  Come departure time. I checked and rechecked my already multiple times checked documents and bags! In my mind I revisited the tips given by the ‘wisely’ travelled! – imagine you are in a large bedroom. Since the aircon is on all doors remain shut. Sleep, imagining you are in your rocking chair. Yep. Sure a chair that locks you in it’s embrace to let go only when it deems right! Sure those suggestions helped soothe my frayed nerves! Just a bit.

But what helped me more than I could have imagined was my travel mate who hailed from France and had been visiting India. None had prepared me for the kindness and goodness that I embraced me! The helpful mate who travelled next to me for the entire flight, ensuring that my jittery inside gelled to match my confident look! She became my chaperone and guide, motivator and companion for not only the journey but also till she had handed this nervous package safely to my waiting friend! My travel mate not only  spent time chatting with me to keep my mind from straying into the clutches of claustrophobia, but on disembarking ensured I reach the right terminal, do the right things.  A perfect stranger became a perfect companion!

Who says one needs to look heavenwards to sight angels? I’d say look around and one is bound to spot one immediately!  They  may appear fleetingly, but their image is etched permanently. They live in the memory!

Travel helps you learn. The first day of my solo travel was packed with trepidation. Yet it left me with sweet lessons of life.

It taught me that at times there is more companionship in strangers who do a brief stint in your life than you can ever imagine! It indicated that help awaits, should you need it, no matter where you are, who you are, irrespective of your nationality, colour, the language you speak or don’t speak! The key to all relationships!!

One language stands tall, it stands out- That of kindness, goodness and humanity! 

My first solo flight was followed by three more! Truly comfortable ones.

Thank you Margot!


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