Au revoir! The last day in Binghamton

Nature is a great teacher. Travel has made me wiser. This is the first in a series of  travel experiences that I share today on creativbent!

Image Source: remi skatulski, Unsplash


Mostly not a happy occasion, this goodbye was one of the most memorable one. I was far too overwhelmed  for my usually composed self. My month-long holiday and traveling places was coming to an end.  And a culmination of beautiful experiences does affect every traveler! I had developed a kinship with the room I had been staying in. Nope. Not because of what lay within it, but what lay beyond its windows!

My first morning in Binghamton, in that room involved me in a lovely hide and seek game which i was only too happy to lose. It meant more and more such games in the days to come. My window overlooked a patch of green and a tree which I couldn’t see in entirety. But then its occupant became my pal.

Each morning i peeped from the window, hopeful of being greeted by this friendly neighbour who engaged me not with words, but sudden appearances and fleeting glimpses! I loved the way our kinship panned out over the next few weeks. We greeted each other almost each morning and then went our separate ways .

Time flew and the morning of departure announced itself with thunder, lightning and rain. Oh! My pal wouldn’t come by would she? She might be scared of the rumbling and not keen on getting soaked! She was the one exposed whist I was happily in my cocoon, my shelter. She had to make the effort every morning to come out of her habitat. Would she take the trouble on a cold, wet morning?

How wrong I was! She seemed to have heard my silent call, my wish to say goodbye and  was at the ledge outside the window! She would miss her companion (me) too, wouldn’t she? It was time to say bye to each other and she had also sensed that. Amazing! We had not even been introduced! It was our last meeting and time to say Au revoir. She raised herself on her hind paws to her full height, her bushy tail stretched out behind her! Bye pal! My words remained a thought, but she heard them, turned around and scurried away! She had reappeared after several days of absence and this visit was important to each of us. It kinda made up for the gap. I remember, we had gazed at each other with a fond understanding, something I hope for from those in my life.

My stay in Binghamton had taught me an important life skill pertaining to relationships. Who says companionship needs a name or requires words or even constant togetherness?

Mutual understanding, acceptance and respectful co-existence are sufficient to accord a relationship permanence and strength it seeks.


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