Money Matters

Not at all! I am not about to delve into how to invest your money to get the best returns. Not unless you want it go spiraling down the storm drain and be sucked out into the netherworld. Nor am I about to give you a list options to help you save your hard-earned lucre. Nope, not where to stash it either.

Mine is a serious matter. Of another sort. An outcome of two different experiences.

Experience 1 which happened after Experience 2 (features later) and actually ought to be #1 by way of chronology, pertains to a simple statement. The remark is about money’s worth. Made by a worker who earns daily, if he can. A flat tyre of the car took me to this repair shop, whose worker fixed it in a jiffy identifying two holes in a single tubeless tyre and asking for a sum that seemed extraordinary amount for the effort put in.

When I spoke to him about times when it took an hour or more to do up flat tyres and the amount was not even a tenth of what he had charged, pat came his reply,

“Those were different days. My dad sold 2 acres of land for Rs. 400/- and was happy and content doing so. Money mattered, but not in the way it does today. To survive the surging cost of living I need to constantly upgrade my charges. Or else, making both ends meet would be a challenge.”

UPGRADE. That’s the word that my mind filtered! That’s what we have been doing in the last few decades. Upgrade- LIFE, LIVING STANDARDS, TECH, FASHION, EDUCATION, LIFESTYLE, HEALTH, TRAVEL, SHOPPING, DIGITAL SPACE- everything you know or care to know about. But has everything truly taken the upward trajectory? YES!

Absolutely everything?

I might have nodded my head in agreement with you, but for that moment which I spent pondering.

I say, “Not really!”

There is a down grade. Perhaps a downward spiral? In a significant segment of our lives. My mind veers to relationships. Human rel’ships. Humane rel’ships. Are they truly what they were during our growing years? Do they occupy as much place of significance as does lifestyle and living? And doesn’t living entail bonds and bonding? So what’s downgraded? RELATIONSHIPS!

Am sure you have a thought ’bout areas that need an upward push.

Can you name them? Right here! 👇

PS Experience 2 or actually experience 1 arrives next. 😊

2 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. meera0403 says:

    You nailed it, Bindu. Have felt the same a number of times. Today, unfortunately, the only yardstick to measure “worthy” or “worthless”, is money, including “relationships”.

    Liked by 1 person

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