Hey! Whats up Whats App? 🤔

Image Source:Matam Jaswanth, Unsplash

Was really late in joining this forum. Months after the app invaded our lives and changed our way of communication, hounded by threats, coercion and pleas, I went for it.

“you are missing out on the group chats”, BUT i LOVE INDIVIDUAL chats. face to face.

“there’s so much happening and you won’t know about it!” NOT EVEN ON TV NEWSPAPERS & MAGS put together?

And so on and so forth. Till one fine day this unusual person downloaded the App to understand what she had been missing. Sure, it helped me connect, so easily, with so many simultaneously and yet i didn’t really feel connected. Weird? No, just different!

It bothers me to see so many skin tone options. Wonder, why so many skin shades and hues in a world that’s rapidly becoming a global unity? Does a wave of hand, 👋🏾appreciation, 👍, 👏🏻  a show of strength 💪🏿… require options of skin tones to convey it’s message? Can’t be done in a single hue?

i Go blank 💭 when i am invited by a pop up on the whats app to choose the tone of  the  smile I’d like to send. Would it change the emotion i wish to send across?

Should i feel embarrassed by my brown, 🙌🏽 does a fair tone 👆🏼propel to the topmost rung? I wonder. Why these different hues? All we need is a single universal shade, that of humanity.  And just any skin tone can tell me that.

We could shake hands on that! 🤝🏻 🤝🏿🤝🏽

Any difference other than the hue?

Could someone please tell me please 🙏 ?


PS: Hope you forgive my ignorance in matters of the tech world! 😔

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