Compliments, just like that, are great!

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“You have a lovely skin,” she said. As if not made my day already, she added, “Really charming!” That’s it! My spirits began to soar and my tiring efforts at the computer, in the last few hours changed to a rewarding one. The morning became brighter and the stranger transported me into the fantasy land of Cleopatra!

No, no no! I am not going all vain but just driving home a point that no matter what time of the day, what the words or perhaps even how they are said, words of appreciation bring about a dramatic change.

An off-handed compliment, while walking my dog, came as a beautiful surprise making me realise compliments are good! Really good. Specially coz i sport salt and pepper hair, the fading freckles, that talk volumes bout my age, no matter how much i pretend to ‘feel’ younger. In fact, i was ecstatic when another stranger, in a garment store said good stuff about the silver mop on my head, which my close friends wanted to paint a colour of their choice. You see, they have to see it more often than i do and it is offensive to them. But I stood my ground and used the crutch of that compliment of”carrying my hair well” to keep them at bay!

Says volumes about the magical quality of appreciation vs deprecating words. Say good stuff and the is touched, the brain is electrified into a hyper active mode and the end product is productive. The reverse must also be true, isn’t it?

Kind words bring a smile ♦◊ and help walk a mile…longer. Let’s compliment each other, more often!

PS 👂 And if a stranger can work wonders, what if folks close to us up the compliment quotient 🤔


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