Oozing from my ears 

A ping on my phone made me look at it excitedly. Thought it would be a friend.

But no it was the friendly shopping alert announcing another sale on select items, declaring it was the last hour. So I better hurry. Whose? I have a long way to go buddy.

Even as I was ‘talking’ with my Amazon alert, my phone pinged again.

This time it was the rival Flipkart

Heard me talk? Pat it came rearing its head, reminding me of all the gadgets I could buy at 50% off? Do they offer free training sessions for the likes of me. No? Buzz off.

Flipkart flipped, creating space for EBay. eBay? No way. I turned my back.

To face a couple more.

Lord, all these offers and promos and promises of this and better. Tell me I have gone totally into objects and hoarding, have I?

Wonder how it would have been if we were to get alerts of good deeds done by so and so or kindness experienced by another set or even charitable activities or sporting events or neighborhood togetherness……

A cart full of happiness and giving all the time.

I wouldn’t mind if this and such oozed from every pore of my body, would you? 屢

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