Just blogging…about this and that


wonder if my blog followed a particular theme, it would have more followers, more views, more readers and hence a particular direction!

but i write from my heart, about this and that, just sharing thoughts and views, hearing your too, about random things, with no purpose it may seem.

but it was directionless meander that brought Wordsworth his splendid ideas. even as we read his emotions recollected in tranquility, we see the highland lass, the daffodils do nod. and it makes me wonder if i had a particular theme. would i be living my dream?

to talk about this and that, that struck a chord in my heart, or caught my fleeting fancy, to stir within me a memory, n idea or a thought, which i to you have always brought.

so my needless meander brings a daily chatter, to keep you, my readers enthused, to share your views if you so choose. feel grateful and blessed, to have you in my little nest. stay here and grow in strength, please do leave your comments!

happy to blog at creativbent. it’s for a reason the ‘e’ is gone missing. i needn’t say why, need i?

Thank you all!

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