Coincidence, Providence or just another happening?

Image Source:Nurpalah Dee, Unsplash

I met her again. A few days back. Right outside the park! This time as well she spotted me!

Who? You would ask. To know more, do read this blog post.

During my regular evening walk, I opted for an irregular route that evening. It led me to a lively park. Children on swings, mothers on the jogging track, the elderly on the park benches and some exercise-buffs having a go at the equipment in this open air gym!

While I stood outside, absorbing the energy of what rested beyond,  a sing-song “Hello again” called my attention. This time I recognised the voice even before I turned to take a look.

There she was! Standing tall, sprightly in her six-year girlie self. “We meet again, aunty!”

“Sure! At the park today?” I responded, infected by her enthusiasm!

I had an opportunity to meet and greet her mother, somewhat making up for my error the last time !

Some more friendly exchanges later, we went our respective ways. She dashed into the park and I sauntered ahead to complete my walk. A reflective walk! I began to wonder- what had brought us together again? This time at a distant spot, close to neither of our homes!

What makes folks bump into each other again and again? Specially if they barely know each other? Is it coincidence? Is it destined to happen? Is it a past life relationship?

Or I am placing too much importance on something trivial, an everyday occurrence?  A mere, simple happening? I dunno! What do you think?


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