When the heart is sad, truly so……

Long back I allowed a few incidents to take over, overwhelmingly so. The outcome? This poem which rushes on sharing my agitated thoughts about sycophants.

Sorry if they seem too dark. But emotions do create a turbulence and the purpose is disruption.

Sharing with you. Have you also come across such characters? If so do vent…….





Spoon them out and spoon them in,

They are found, where one can’t imagine!

Offices, businesses and corporate all,

Are not the only places that they swarm!

In temples of learning  too they abound,

In large venerating numbers, they are found.

Worshiping God who occupies the grand chair,

In awe, amazement and wonder they stare.

Their eyes reflect subservience, their lips chant songs

Singing praises march sycophants, building stone walls

Meek ones who falter at word and deed, are intimidated

By the swirling, surging mass, no one hears their bleat.

“Is toiling worth it, will sincerity bear fruit?

If we do not a flattering word speak?”

But, should the diligent be perturbed or disturbed

By one’s who throw weight but have nothing to show?

Or should they be joyous at being sane of mind

Feel happy, a sense of pride in their weightless grind?

The grovelling, creeping and oily workers

Are undoubtedly fantastic, extraordinary shirkers.

Conquerors of their boss’s heart, mind and soul

This conquest is and will remain their eternal goal.

As the bootlickers are resplendent in all their glory,

Circling their stationary God, in a maddening frenzy,

That builds up agonisingly with each passing moment,

Resembling the voodoo, the magic spell with some potion.

A potion that the diligent worker might love to partake,

If his duty, like the sycophant he wishes to fake.

But he has a bigger duty and task at stake,

Bigger responsibility to shoulder, lives to make.

Long live the sycophant is the clarion call,

It’s sound and echo shall reverberate off every wall.

The crawler shall use flattery-weapon all his life,

But should a boss be trapped by a luring, purring whine?



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