Compliments are Complex

in full bloom

The writer shines, the artist dazzles , her words a fine painting of her gentle thoughts!


” Compliments are always great to receive , but when it comes from you, it;s even more special” said one of my ex students to me when I complimented her on an exceptional piece of writing that she had sent in for approval. This is itself was a compliment, put so gracefully, making the receiver feel cared for and appreciated. 

However receiving a compliment gracefully is an art which most of us have not been able to master, though I think enough has been written about it in almost every magazine and in the lighter reading sections of newspapers and e-magazines.

It’s just hard to say a graceful Thank you and follow it with a simple smile.

Some people (including me, I confess) feel uncomfortable and follow it by saying the following:

You are being kind

Really?…I thought the opposite..

You are trying to make me feel good…

I am…

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