Nuggets of wisdom from Bhagavad Gita



A very significant part of the epic Mahabharat, the Bhagavad Gita extols the virtues of righteous living. It’s 700 verses offer an amazing insight into Shri Krishna’s wisdom shared with Arjun.

In this blog I present the translation of three such thoughts presented in the image. Remember my maiden attempt at translation? Presented below is the second venture:

It is clearly stated  in the Gita:

 Do not be disappointed,

The times are weak,

not you.

The world works on the principle of ‘needs’

The sun that is eagerly awaited in the winters

Is shunned in the summers.

Likewise, you are  valued only till you are needed.

Spring cleaning the house and mind are crucial.


The house has unnecessary items


the mind burdened with futile thoughts and misgivings.

So live heartily,

Not with a heart filled with misgivings. 

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