Effable or Ineffable?

Image Source: Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

Their day began with a board game! Over a cup of sizzling morning tea, they played Ludo. A game really popular over thirty or forty years ago, when television, mobile phones and internet were not even a remote dream in our country. And the idea of remotes were far removed. One had to actually walk up to the radio/music player/tv set to tune it to the frequency desired. Times changed, and inventions ensured the unveiling of the theatre of break-neck advancement.

But they chose to stay in that time and zone. With that Board game. Why? Ludo made them happy. Helped their octogenarian day begin on a youthful, child-like note. It made them feel young, live young. They were the only company they had. Their children, grown up and married, settled as we would say in Indian terms, in distant places across the country. Not that they wouldn’t meet. Of course, they would. But meeting once in a while isn’t the same as being there all the time, now is it? They chose not to go into a shell of morbidity. Instead they chose each other, all over again! Once again!

They shared an effable love. No sudden declarations, blatant in the face kinds. But a bond, caring that went beyond words. Ineffable? Not possible to express in words! Their morning game of Ludo played with dice and pawns took care of that. Their being by each other in times joyous and sad, lonely and solitary conveyed their kinship and comfort with each other. What else could it possibly be? Expressed through actions. It was an education to watch them together, to spend a day in their content company for they completed each other. The difference of nearly seven years between the husband and wife, was not evident in their conversations or their thinking. They seemed synchronised in every aspect. A perfect rhythm, a synchrony to emulate. So much was said; yet so little was uttered.

What was it that kept them going? Why wouldn’t they peep beyond for company, for conversation, for fulfilment? They didn’t need to. They were sufficient in themselves. Friends, lovers, husband and wife, companions- no role unknown to them. They live on. The dream couple? A figment of my imagination? Not at all, the perfect couple! Yes, they do exist, in this real world. Is it a possibility? Certainly, they have showed the way of true love. Sans flowers, sans flowery words, sans ostentation. Simply effable!

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