Coffee with a difference!

Image Source: Dominika Lugin (Unsplash)

On a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon

Couldn’t possibly have asked for the moon

Movies were ruled out, they are a pain,

Ideas were scarce, the brain searched in vain.


A coffee was voted for at a nearby café humble

This simple wish dissipated, the plan took a tumble

When our gigantic, comforting, slightly ole SUV

Chose to groan, whimper and succumb to its injury


How fortunate that it took its last breath to stop

Right opposite an accomplished car mechanics shop

Ah! Hadn’t asked for much and not for the moon

But the simple plan had fallen apart way too soon.


In consternation, the lady in it’s cushioned embrace

Stepped down from her lofty perch, oh what disgrace

What an afternoon, What misadventure at such a place!

Snorted the high perched with a frown on her face.


A thirty- minutes to rev him up promised the car doctor

Even before taking it’s first step, the p.m. had faltered.

The high stool wouldn’t help so she stepped down to ask

Is there a coffee shop, where we could wait and bid time?


No ma’am not a café for a mile, but coffee customised

Can come here as you wait on this swivel chair of mine

The look of horror softened and transformed

When of his thoughtfulness my heart was informed

Demurely, I opted to sit on the half-built brick wall

Where the rays of the warm sun weren’t permitted to fall

Canopy caring, protective of the generous neem tree

Offered shade while we sipped the sugar free coffee.


By the roadside, outside a car repair shop

My husband and I sipped coffee; tasted like nectar

Time flew by as I observed the simplicity around

Our SUV’s engine had retrieved its purring sound.


A different cuppa, wasn’t it?












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