Hello again! Stay ethical, please


Not that tough to be good and righteous. No? Read this and this one too please!

Now  for the Final 3!  Crucial ones these… They do not close the deal on being ethical though. Adopt 1 to 9 and some more. Here we go!

7. Keep your word. Honour your obligations. Guaranteed a worker a raise? Don’t backtrack! Promised a friend/acquaintance/ relative a visit or gift or time. She/he is waiting for you. Most problems in our world arise on account of backtracking! And life’s all about moving forward to progress, isn’t it?

8. Safeguard the trust reposed: Shared information, ideas and thoughts are meant only for the ears they are spoken into. Breaking trust leads to heart breaks, more difficult to heal than heart attacks.

9. Money is important, but it isn’t everything! Be ethical while striking deals. A spoken word must be honoured as much as a word which sees ink.

Hey! Peaceful, happy co-existence demands ethical living.  Let’s go by these ethics in the common interest of everyone.

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