Flawless: Err…. Ummm… Awkard I’d say!

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The Garment store


Party times almost always make you feel you need a new wear, a renewed look. And that irrespective of the how loaded/ endowed you are. (in more ways than one)

So there I was in this lovely apparels outlet -‘ Flawless’ right across the street whose display window taunted me alluringly, “Try me out!” An exquisite, dainty shop with lovely garments, all of which you would fall in love with. Unsure and hesitant on earlier occasions, I brushed aside all womanly trepidation and strode into this showroom which flaunted the most appealing, my kind of garments.

That’s where my confidence began and ended! The lady at the counter suggested i try out the new gowns for evening wear. Delighted at the prospect of a makeover from my usual traditional Indian wear, I gingerly chose a few that I would try.  A girl pranced into the trial room. Alas! The joy was short lived. Gown after gown got stuck at various parts of my flourishing anatomy. One managed to reach the waist and decided to sit there; whilst another thought my ample bosom was cosy to reside and the third! The insolent one chose to rest on my shoulder as a responsibility. Ugh! These couldn’t have been the ones that I had liked, a few minutes ago, could they?

A change of track would help. I thought trying the bottom end of my resplendent figure would help. Trousers were bound to win the day. For sure! A lovely powder pink caught my eye and fell in love with my thighs. Clinging fondly, they refused to move either way, up or down (And that mind you was the largest one by numbers. Sounded my size, like until recently). Now I abhor such love. Really! it suffocates me. With difficulty I managed to pull them off and could breathe easy. Clingy stuff said I as I tossed it to the floor in sheer disgust.

Now, did the misadventures end? Of course, i decided that last minute shoppers like me need to declare the size and look around and like stuff that is available. Aha now that’s what i call perfect size and match! I chose to go realistic. Gowns and pinks-not for me. Grey which would compliment my silver strands was more me- the graceful me. A large grey trousers sensed my embarrassment and chose to drape me in it’s coy, voluminous embrace. Bingo! Had a perfect shirt to go with it too! And for adornments and effects? Shapeless shrugs help, don’t they?

A visibly transformed me peeked into the trial room full length mirror and appreciative eyes stared right back. Perfecto! ready to mingle with the high school students.

That day flawless seemed  a wee bit flawed. AND me? Ain’t it better to make peace than go to pieces?”


6 thoughts on “Flawless: Err…. Ummm… Awkard I’d say!

  1. Lavina says:

    Amazin writer u r. D words u ve picked so poetic way to express ur experience wit me mam. I really appreciate n would like to thank u from Flawless team. It’s a boast for me n my team. N wil try my best to reach upto ur expectations always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. intriguingblue says:

    We teachers are always concerned about the appropriateness of our outfits. Love the way you have interwoven humor into this activity of picking out a dress for an occasion. Superb as usual, or sh I say : flawless :):)

    Liked by 1 person

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