Hurry! Last two hours left……….

Such a grave call to hurry makes me worry. It sets me thinking about what needs to be accomplished before those valuable two hours conclude leaving me with little hope for the future. The questions that pop up in my head are- what should I do to make the most of these 120 minutes to extract the utmost from them? What if the world would come to an end even before the completion of the declared time? What if I am not able to fulfill my singular outstanding dream of writing and publishing a book? What if my exalted thoughts of earning from this writing remain unfulfilled and I return to haunt the hurriedly exited earth from which I was forcibly ejected in an untimely fashion. Not to venture anywhere close to the wishes I have for my better half and the only other adult in the house, our son. What if…. But enough of that for I am losing priceless minutes in this futile contemplation now that there is much less than the suggested two hours remaining.

So much to be done in such little time! I inform cum reprimand myself. I act in a frenzy, frantically like a person on death row who has been given an opportunity to live a little longer- all of two hours. Or again like that patient who has been shown the way to heaven by his doctor with a profound statement about how little time he has on earth.

The beep of my mobile brings me back to reality, reminding me about the time slipping away like the grains of sand between fingers. The beep informs me how I am going to lose one more opportunity to bag a 25% off on a certain something and that such an opportunity may never arise again in my life-time. Certainly wouldn’t! Considering the earlier ping had sounded my death knell close to an hour earlier and I had not so much as scratched the surface of the list of wishes I ought to fulfill before time ran out on me. My bucket list was slowly transforming into one of woes-unfulfilled desires.

Really! Would I never get an opportunity ever again to buy that outfit which would make me look more dazzling than Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani. Or yet again buy that elusive book at its normal cost as it would become prohibitively out of reach. Or for that matter the smart phone which now and again outwits me with its multitudinous apps which turn out to be a mishap! Not to mention the micro, fridge, TV what have you……

Give me a break. My mind screeches and some semblance of normalcy returns to my wandering, meandering, scurrying thoughts which have made me believe that I do need to act quickly or all would be lost. It rationalises, don’t you get these messages all the time, almost all the year round, every season for no reason or when a festival spreads its tentacles from round the bend, tugging at the wallet? Then what is all this haste and unnecessary waste about? If not now, then the upcoming week, if it’s not the very next day itself right after this alarm causing alert. Another message would pop up on the screen. Soon you would have another manufacturer wooing you to buy his product at never ever heard prices (which you have heard too often) that seem to drop lower to reach a level where you would like to see the hemline of today.

Another blip. Another ominous reminder…….. Last two hours….. no way, I strongly retaliate. I have not two but many hours at my disposal and I am sure to write that darn, elusive book, make money from my writing and most certainly buy any contraption, outfit or exotic foodstuff that I take a fancy to. The hail of sales leaves a trail which several more follow. Sales: Ah! They are here to stay! Discounts are way of life. Discounted lives, no way!



2 thoughts on “Hurry! Last two hours left……….

  1. Oh my god!!! This is exactly how I have been feeling:) extremely well expressed:) our lives have been reduced to checking a rectangular piece of metal every two minutes. My new goal is to make more out of my evening and not just check , read, and reply to every message that pops up on my hand held device.
    All the best for writing your book:)


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