Mangroves at their greenest!

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The vast expanse of mangroves makes me wonder how it must have been, gorgeous, pristine and calm when earth was untouched by human presence.

Don’t miss the dotted human presence in the form of electric wire poles. Blessed to be a part of this paradise!  *:) happy

Of departing, parting and more….



Time for departure spells EXIT! It spells Time to Part. It initiates lists, shopping, packing suitcases, tickets n travel. It also amounts to Byes, Goodbyes, tears, muffled laughter, back slap bonhomie, maudlin hugs, mushy words -each camouflage the passions that surge in the heart.

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The Packing

Travel light
the writing itch: travel time


Travel time is about choices and a lot of palaver around packing. The contents/innards of the suitcase become the prime focus. Such is the trepidation about the bag being shut easily that one tries to be cautious not to carry the unnecessary. This  also leaves scope of picking specialities from the destination we seek. To carry or not to carry- that’s the million-dollar decision.  

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The appointed hour

the writing itch: The appointment

‘Morning! Your appointment time?’ was the best my nervous self could squeak. -9:30 came the reply as did several other replies. Some confident and chirpy, a few as subdued as me. Realisation dawned that a 100 odd young men and women who had queued were all given the same time! Amazing! Such competence! Daft! My rational self, reprimanded me.  Read more

Monsoon Blessings


How green is my view! The mountains, the plains, the spaces in between have donned a gorgeous green- the nascent, pristine look! Nature expresses itself amidst the man-made.

How delightful!

Coping Techniques for Chronic Pain

Practical and easy to adopt these ways are sure to help many who undergo impeding pain regularly.

When Women Inspire

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain will know how difficult it is. Not only is there the physical suffering, but also it can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. However, it is important to make sure that this pain does not take over your life. Read on to discover some tips you can use to make living with chronic pain easier.

Pain, you, and living life Looking for ways to manage ongoing pain? You’ve come to the right place. Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.

  • Massage therapy – Massage therapy comes highly recommended for anyone that suffers from any type of chronic pain. It is important to look for a professional that has experience in treating someone that suffers from chronic pain like massage therapy specialist Miranda Hinkley. This is important because they will adapt the massage therapy to suit your condition. If you opt for someone that does not have a lot of experience, they could…

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